Discrete ManufacturingEnd-to-end solutions for discrete manufacturing

Whether you’re in the business of manufacturing automotive spare parts, plastic packaging, machinery and components, or toys and furniture, the pressure is mounting for more innovative and better-quality products, shorter product lifecycles and stricter compliance with safety and environmental regulations. An ERP solution built by Microsoft and delivered with customizations to your business by Rand Group can transform your day-to-day operations, help you overcome challenges discrete manufacturers face, and deliver long-term success.



Achieve manufacturing excellence with a customized ERP solution

Discrete manufacturers that partner with Rand Group for business solutions have increased production throughput, cut production delays, eliminated costly inefficiencies, and boosted the performance of their machinery and industrial assets. Our industry and ERP experts combined with the power of Microsoft technologies deliver connected systems with automated processes and data flows throughout your operation and supply chain relationships.

Rand Group is your long-term partner to help you address industry challenges such as improving agility, managing warranties, balancing changing supply and demand, reducing time to market, and more. We have been serving clients in the discrete manufacturing industry – from industrial goods and building materials to steel and oilfield machinery – since 2003, and are a certified Microsoft gold partner.


Set up bill of materialsManage bill of materials with ease

With a discrete manufacturing ERP, your team will have the ability to manage the complexity of various bills of materials (BOMs) in a single platform. Version control allows you to make ongoing changes to an item and set up different configurations based on the circumstance or location. Additionally, you can set expiration dates and phase out old components so that new components can be produced or bought.

Dynamics 365 has the following capabilities to manage your BOMs:

  • Create, edit, and copy BOMs, BOM versions, and routes
  • Check for errors, including circularity
  • View and verify sites the BOM versions are assigned
  • Add, edit, and print BOM and BOM lines
  • Run a cost or sales price calculation for a product variant
  • Approve and activate product changes


Manage capacity planning and scheduling

Balance capacity planning and scheduling

Manufacturers understand the importance of planning the production process so that each operation in the production route is assigned a starting and ending date and time, and that the materials needed for production are available when the operation starts.

With Dynamics 365, you can complete the following processes in a single ERP solution:

  • Schedule multiple productions in the order of their assigned priority
  • Split production orders based on delivery schedule
  • Schedule productions based on the capacity of the resources
  • Produce an overall schedule for the jobs that are to be performed
  • Assign jobs and operations to a resource or resource groups
  • Manage and calculate scrap

Build production configuration models

The need to configure a product to meet special requirements is quickly becoming the rule instead of the exception in both B2B and B2C relationships. For a manufacturer, the ability to support configure-to-order scenarios represents an opportunity to carefully respond to the needs of the customer and reduce high costs that are tied to inventory.

Product configuration is an essential tool in your ERP that allows users to quickly satisfy customer requirements by providing access to frequently selected data by using configuration templates. It can save time when you configure items on sales orders, sales quotations, purchase orders, and production orders, and provides a visual overview of the product configuration model structure.

Build production configuration models